Harmony by Alma lasers

When not in the mood for peeling...

An advanced platform by Alma Lasers, integrating a number of treatment technologies in a single device.

Clear Lift Q-Switched LASER 1064 Nd:YAG An innovative technology for treating the skin's aging process using pixel-form bursts of powerful laser energy. At the base of this technology lies a reconstruction process of the collagen and elastin network, and it is unique in its ability to treat sensitive areas such as the eyelids, neck, and cleavage.

The Q-Switched Laser configuration offers control of the treatment using a high-intensity, microscopic laser beam on different skin layers. This innovative technology allows us to recover and preserve the skin using a high-percision, powerful laser, which produces a unique mechanical effect.

Q-Switched Laser lets us treat all symptoms of older skin: winkles, uneven skin tone and texture, loss of volume, and decreasing skin elasticity.

Selective heating used to prevent damage to adjacent tissue allows us to obtain optimal results for different therapeutic needs, without causing blood clots or thermal damage to the skin.

The Clear Lift treatment is painless and doesn't require any recovery time. It can be done during the summer months as well.

Removing tattoos

Over the years, tattoos may lose their appeal, and permanent make-up tattoos may be aesthetically limiting or even impaired. Removing tattoos requires using laser beams with different wavelengths, penetration depths, and absorption of various colors.  The Nd:YAG 1064 technology is effective in removing dark-shade tattoos: black, blue, and green. Removing lighter-colored tattoos such as red, orange, and yellow, can be done using a different wavelength, and therefore we will use Nd:YAG 532. Laser therapy blasts away color particles, and allows the immune system to remove them from the body, with minimal risk of scarring or pigmentation spots.

Treatment may be accompanied by discomfort and mild pain, however these can be reduced using local numbing.